Vista Palomar Riders Event Chair Welcome Packet

Thank you for volunteering to Chair an Event for the Vista Palomar Riders.

The Board would like to support you and help you along the way.

Please be prepared to explain your vision for this Event to the Board in written form or by verbal presentation. Include the following information in your presentation to the Board: purpose of the event, estimated cost & expenses (use budget report), deadline for registration. Prior to spending any money, the Event must be approved by the Board.

You will need a committee to help you with at least 3 people; one should be a board member or someone who has chaired this event in past years.

  • Please note all checks are to be made payable to: Vista Palomar Riders
  • You are encouraged to use your personal cell number and email address for flyers and forms.
  • Forms and flyers will be posted to the website. An Event will be created on Facebook for you. FaceBook has a size limitaion of 470 px by 174 px for events. Only the top of our flyer will be shown.
  • If you participate in the event, you will be responsible for your entry fee.
  • If you need help with any of this, please contact the Board Member who is on your committee.
  • The Board may be able to supply you with information from prior year's events.

We have put some policies and guidelines in place to help you.

You will find information in this packet on the following:

  1. Event Chair Check List for flyers and forms (page 2 & 3)
  2. VPR Club Policy regarding receipts for expenses & VPR Checklist for Final Event Report (page 4)
  3. VPR Event Budget to be presented to the Board (we can email you this to you to fill out)
  4. VPR Event Report (same format as Budget) must be submitted to the Board within 30 days of your event, 2 copies are required.
  5. Reimbursement Form
  6. ROL

Other information that may be helpful to you, if it applies to your event!

  1. Sponsorship Information (Not currently available)
  2. Current Roster (will be emailed to you on request)
  3. VPR Policy and Procedures (See item # 6 Committee-Event Chairs)
  4. Compliance Guidelines (This is a final check of anything that is going public)
  5. Social media Guidelines (If you post to the web)
  6. Equine Medication Monitoring Program
    Link to:

The following forms are also available as excel files:

Event Budget
Event Report
Reimbursement form

Please call a Board Member to receive the excel files by email.

A successful event takes planning and team work. If you need help please ask.

Use of the arenas requires grooming before and after the event, please contact our Grounds Manager to set this up.

Remember to leave things better then you found them, this includes the grounds, announcer booth, clubhouse and kitchen. You should have a cleanup crew to help you with this. If you have items that need to be stored, please ask where to store them.

Please remember to send thank you cards to Sponsors and your committee.



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